get your body contour in shape again

Visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite and loose skin

Increases circulation and stimulates metabolism in the treated area

Improves overall skin health and promotes inch loss with no pain or downtime

Lymphatic Drainage 
This stimulation technique using Endermologie will help move the extra fluid buildup in your body through your lymph vessels by stimulating circulatory exchanges to fight water retention and drain toxins: the skin feels “re-oxygenated”, it will strengthen the immune system and helps you lose extra inches. For an immediate boost and sense of lightness refine your body and smooth cellulite. Relaxes areas of muscle tension, eliminates stress and brings a deep sense of relaxation for the balance of body and mind. 
   Body suit required for treatment: $35, included on multi-session packages.
Endermologie Maria ps.jpg
session   $90        10 sessions  $850        20 sessions  $1500
Laser Body Firming & Cryotherapy 
The  6 diopters of laser go deep into the skin to stimulate cell renewal, collagen and elastin to firm up the body. Cryotherapy is used to melt the stubborn fat in a very low temperature and the body naturally gets rid of the fat through the lymphatic system.
session  $100        10 sessions  $900        20 sessions  $1800
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Combine both treatments for incredible results!
5x5         $900
5 Endermologies
5 Lasers
10x10      $1600
10 Endermologies
10 Lasers
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